JRuby auf Android, Ruboto

Februar 28, 2009

Das ist doch mal eine interessante Geschichte:

JRuby works on Android

Funktioniert mit JRuby 1.2 RC1, also fröhliches testen.


CentOS + VirtualBox + Ruby on Rails

Februar 7, 2009

Just some noticable Infos:

I installed VirtualBox (virtualbox.org) and setup CentOS, for this i downloaded the complete image at http://virtualbox.wordpress.com/images/centos/ (remember to copy the root password for the first login)

To start setup:
– change root password
– add an additional user
– update system files (yum update)
– install mysql (to use with ruby mysql gem you need to install also the developer packages)
– install ruby-enterprise (setup .bashrc)
– install subversion (yum install subversion)

Some useful infos:

Install Ruby Enterprise (including Rails):
Installing Ruby Enterprise on CentOS 5.2

Install MySQL Gem
Faild for me, so i found here the solution:
mysql gem on centos
Update: More Infos: Mysql gem centos5 hell

German Keyboard Layout
To change temporary (until reboot)
loadkeys de-latin1
And to verify that the keyboard layout is correct use the command: showkey

Permanent setting (CentOS):
Edit /etc/sysconfig/keyboard and replace KEYTABLE=“us“ by KEYTABLE=“de-latin1″
save and reboot.

To find whitch keyboard layout maps that is available is in the map
/lib/kbd/keymaps/i386/…depending on which distro is used.

Enable high resolution console:
As root, edit the file ‚/etc/grub.conf‘, and add ‚vga=XXX‘ to the line that begins with kernel.
Get other values here: VGA Screen Resolution

I will update this post, but for now i dont remember more steps 😉


JRuby vs. WebSphere

Dezember 12, 2008

One goal of developing our Ruby on Rails Application with JRuby was to deploy and run the App in IBM WebSphere Application Server.

JRuby vs. WAS:

First we simple create an war file (warbler) and try to deploy it on WAS, and run in a 100% CPU load.
After some use of google we mention that we have to install the latest Fixpack (Current, Latest this takes a while (about 500 MB to download and about 1 hour for install).

Second try, app is not loading, so we notice to optimize our web.xml (change from filter to servlet)

Last try, deploying works like it should (10 seconds). Navigation to the URL of our App, next Error.
A look in the log files shows us some cryptic „java.lang.ClassFormatError“.


We were able to deploy and run our application in IBM WebSphere, but we will not use it for now. Watching JRuby Issue Tracking, Bug: 3015.


The Bug is fixed, so its time to check the deploymet again.


How to create a fun blog in less than 5 minutes

August 26, 2008

Hey guys,

today I’ll try to describe how to create a (fun) blog in less than 5 minutes.
The clou is that this blog will need no administration, it will post the articles automately.

Slinkset is a new social blogging service, with a nice little feature:

  • Auto-post links via RSS

Let’s start:
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Grosse Communities in Süd-Ost Bayern

August 20, 2008

Inspiriert von dem Artikel über die Regionale Verbreitung sozialer Netzwerke (link), möchte ich dies nun auf den Bereich Süd-Ost-Bayern ausweiten.

Dabei sollen folgende Communities verglichen werden:

Lokalisten, Eraffe, Süd-Ost-Portal und Ro-Community.

Alle Angaben sind von den jeweiligen Seiten entnommen, natürlich sind doppel Anmeldungen und Fakeaccounts nicht ausgenommen.

(Stand: 20.08.2008 )

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Netbeans 6.5 Beta available

August 12, 2008


Pay attention to the Final Release of NetBeans 6.5.

According to the Roadmap, the NetBeans Developers released a official beta (6.5).


Looks very stable to me (i use only the ruby package), so i can recommend the download.

Hava a look at the Feature List:


Time and MSSQL

August 7, 2008

Today i want to blog about an issue we noticed few days ago.

We use MSSQL DB for our Ruby on Rails Webapplication. We got a lot of data replicated from other systems, so we also got created_at and updated_at columns filled.

After successfull replication we just clicking through the application and wonder why the created_at and updated_at data is not displaying.

The created_at / updated_at data in the database looks like ‚2008-07-18 00:00:00‘.
Some playing shows us if we add 1 second to the Date it was showing up.

Customer.all.collect {|c| c.update_attributes(:created_at => Time.parse(c.created_at_before_type_cast)+1.second)}

Strange… it seems that mssql and jruby have a problem with datetime columns where time is 00:00:00.

Im going to update this post if any solution is found, or posted by you in the comments.