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CentOS and mod_rails – failed to map segment from shared object: Permission denied

April 6, 2009

After some playing with VirtualBox and CentOS i try to install mod_rails, all in all no big deal, but if i try to start / restart httpd service i got:

Stopping httpd: [FAILED]
Starting httpd: httpd: Syntax error on line 1of /etc/httpd/conf/
rails.conf: Cannot load /opt/ruby-enterprise/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/
passenger-2.1.2/ext/apache2/ into server: /opt/ruby-
enterprise/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/passenger-2.1.2/ext/apache2/ failed to map segment from shared object: Permission
denied [FAILED]

Disable SELinux, or have a closer look to the docs.


CentOS + VirtualBox + Ruby on Rails

Februar 7, 2009

Just some noticable Infos:

I installed VirtualBox ( and setup CentOS, for this i downloaded the complete image at (remember to copy the root password for the first login)

To start setup:
– change root password
– add an additional user
– update system files (yum update)
– install mysql (to use with ruby mysql gem you need to install also the developer packages)
– install ruby-enterprise (setup .bashrc)
– install subversion (yum install subversion)

Some useful infos:

Install Ruby Enterprise (including Rails):
Installing Ruby Enterprise on CentOS 5.2

Install MySQL Gem
Faild for me, so i found here the solution:
mysql gem on centos
Update: More Infos: Mysql gem centos5 hell

German Keyboard Layout
To change temporary (until reboot)
loadkeys de-latin1
And to verify that the keyboard layout is correct use the command: showkey

Permanent setting (CentOS):
Edit /etc/sysconfig/keyboard and replace KEYTABLE=“us“ by KEYTABLE=“de-latin1″
save and reboot.

To find whitch keyboard layout maps that is available is in the map
/lib/kbd/keymaps/i386/…depending on which distro is used.

Enable high resolution console:
As root, edit the file ‚/etc/grub.conf‘, and add ‚vga=XXX‘ to the line that begins with kernel.
Get other values here: VGA Screen Resolution

I will update this post, but for now i dont remember more steps 😉