JRuby vs. WebSphere

Dezember 12, 2008

One goal of developing our Ruby on Rails Application with JRuby was to deploy and run the App in IBM WebSphere Application Server.

JRuby vs. WAS:

First we simple create an war file (warbler) and try to deploy it on WAS, and run in a 100% CPU load.
After some use of google we mention that we have to install the latest Fixpack (Current, Latest this takes a while (about 500 MB to download and about 1 hour for install).

Second try, app is not loading, so we notice to optimize our web.xml (change from filter to servlet)

Last try, deploying works like it should (10 seconds). Navigation to the URL of our App, next Error.
A look in the log files shows us some cryptic „java.lang.ClassFormatError“.


We were able to deploy and run our application in IBM WebSphere, but we will not use it for now. Watching JRuby Issue Tracking, Bug: 3015.


The Bug is fixed, so its time to check the deploymet again.


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