How to create a fun blog in less than 5 minutes

August 26, 2008

Hey guys,

today I’ll try to describe how to create a (fun) blog in less than 5 minutes.
The clou is that this blog will need no administration, it will post the articles automately.

Slinkset is a new social blogging service, with a nice little feature:

  • Auto-post links via RSS

Let’s start:

Feed your blog:

To get content in your (fun) blog we use yahoo pipes. In that case I aggregate five fun blog feeds to one.

This feed is added in the settings of slinkset.com to post daily new stuff.

Work to do:
Now you are ready to do some styling for your blog.

Additional it is nice to have a top level domain, because yourdomain.slinkset.com doesn’t look professional.

Earn (some) Money:

Feel free to add some ads to your slinkset sidebar, perhaps you can get some clicks. 😉


We are done.  You can spend much more than 5 minutes if you put some work in your styling and in the pipes.
But all in all it’s not really difficult to set up a nice fun blog. (Or any kind of blog you want)

Have fun playing with this stuff, and feel free to post your results in the comments.


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